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The CAJUN ROOSTERS are a multi talented multi award winning truly International band bringing together some of the finest and most experienced Cajun and Zydeco musicians in Europe. They have a reputation as one of the most authentic Cajun and Zydeco bands around which has put them in the forefront of the scene and earned them headline festival appearances in Germany, France, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Austria, Belgium and Italy.
They are equally at home playing blues festivals, jazz festivals, folk roots festivals, and Cajun/Zydeco festivals as their varied repertoire gives them an unmatched ability to appeal to so many audiences. This repertoire includes not just Cajun and Zydeco but also Swamp Blues, Louisiana Rock ‘n Roll, Creole and New Orleans beats. They have also carved out a reputation as one of the most popular headline bands on the summer outdoor stage circuit winning over big audiences in city squares all over Europe many of whom have never heard Cajun or Zydeco music before.
The band were formed when Chris Hall, multi award winning and legendary accordion player, and drummer Sam Murray, both from England joined forces with 3 former members of The Cajun Pioneers. The CAJUN ROOSTERS story began as Chris Hall used his considerable experience and knowledge of the music to hone the band into a tighter, leaner and more authentic machine with a groove that is second to none outside Louisiana. His input was invaluable and sparked off a joint group motivation to be the best band around playing this music and consequently they very rapidly became first choice for many festivals and stages looking for a band that could energise audiences and relate to crowds of all sizes.



Their first CD ‘Crank it up’ recorded in Munich received rave reviews and picked up many radio and TV appearances! Down home, dirty, and dangerous Cajun & Zydeco recorded with passion to honour the Louisiana Masters. They were subsequenly invited to the UK as studio session guests on Mark Lamarr’s BBC2 prestigous radioshow ‘God’s Jukebox’ and chosen for his end of year highlights of 2008 shows. The follow up CD ‘Double Shot’ rrecorded in Dortmund and Derby UK and released in November 2008 cemented their reputation as supreme swamp meisters of the Cajun groove!
Some indication of the reputation of the band is reflected in the many awards which have come their way since they formed


The Band received several awards 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 at the European Cajun and Zydeco Awards’ in Raamsdonksveer/NL: 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009: Best European Cajun Band four consecutive years!
2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009: Chris Hall: Best European Cajun & Zydeco accordion player four consecutive years!
2006: CD “Crank it up”: Best European Cajun CD
2008: CD “From the Swamps and Bayous of Louisiana” : 1st runner up best European Cajun CD
2008 and 2009: Hartmut Hegewald 1st runner up best cajun fiddle player

CFMA Awards in Lafayette Louisiana (the “Cajun grammys”): 2007: CD “Crank it up” 1st runner up and ‘Best Cajun CD from outside Louisiana’
2009: CD “Double Shot” 1st runner up and ‘Best Cajun CD from outside Louisiana’
2009: CD “From the swamps and bayous of Louisiana” 2nd runner up and ‘second best Cajun CD from outside Louisiana’
NB 2009 award: the only time in CFMA history a band has taken 2nd AND 3rd place for this award.

Cajun & Zydecofestival,Saulieu (F)
Cajun & Zydecofestival, Opwijk (B)
Cajun & Zydecofestival, München & Ravensburg & Soest & Baasem (D)
Bietigheim Jazzfestival (D)
Tollwood Festival, München (D)
Skagen Folkfestival (DK)
Lichtensteig Jazzfestival (CH)
Füssen Jazzfestival (D)
Kempten Jazzfestival (D)
Festival du Culture (LUX)
Cajun & Zydecofestival, Raamsdonksveer (NL)
Donauinselfest, Wien (A)
Burghausen Jazzfestival (D)
Broadstairs Folkfestival (GB)
Gloucester Cajun & Zydeco Festival (GB)
Breda Jazzfestival (NL)
Piacenza Folkfestival (I)
Trowbridge Village Pump Festival (UK)

The band plays music from the Louisiana swamps and prairies north west of New Orleans. One of the last great undiscovered musics of the modern world. It is a music which instantly grabs an audience and infuses them with a feeling of bonhomie and good times. Instant happiness as the fiddle and accordion weave their magic spell over unsuspecting audiences. Cajun and Zydeco is the main course mixed with a healthy side order of bayou blues and swamped up rock n roll. Their inspiration comes from players like Nathan Abshire, The Balfa Brothers, Johnnie Allan, Balfa Toujours, John Delafose, Zydeco Force, Iry Lejeune, Boozoo Chavis, Steve Riley, Canray Fontenot, Slim Harpo, and Amadee Ardoin. They play with energy, intensity and passion, infusing life into old standards and new compositions. It is broadly speaking Cajun and Zydeco with a modern edge played with attitude but with a deep heartfelt respect for the old masters of the tradition. Every gig is a celebration of the richness of a Louisiana musical culture that all the members of this band love and understand. Every gig is non stop Louisiana party. Laissez les bon rouler as they say in Louisiana. Let the good times roll


Their side project Cajun Roosters 3 is a traditional back porch Cajun/Creole trio. They released a CD “From the swamps and bayous of Louisiana” at the start of 2008 that won awards at the CFMA and European Cajun Awards. It’s a stripped down sound featuring accordion / twin fiddles / guitar / vocals / and percussion but still has that driving cajun groove. Ideal for smaller venues and festivals and more intimate concert gigs. They have played several major venues and festivals including a 25 date non stop tour of Germany to mostly sold out venues.


Traditional Cajun Music of high quality and distinction

“Infectious dance music as the best Cajun musicians in Britain come together” The Independent

“The ensemble sound is jut right – getting the spirit without sacrificing the essential lift and good times” Blues & Rhythm

“They form a powerful statement and a benchmark for other British Cajun groups” First Hearing

“I love the Bearcats man, they’re cool” Steve Riley

The Bearcats were formed in the summer of 1991 by a group of musicians who between them had spent more time than anyone else in this country immersing themselves in the music of Southwest Louisiana. It came as no surprise that they rapidly established themselves as one of the few bands outside Louisiana who can capture the unmistakable but elusive sound of Cajun music. “Y’all got a good rhythm” as Cajun musician D L Menard said when they supported him on one of their early gigs. They have played with many other Louisiana musicians including Steve Riley, Eddie Le Jeune, John Delafose, Beau Jocque and Tasso who all commented on their authentic sound and their understanding of that elusive Cajun spirit.

At the end of 1996, they toured for two weeks in the UK with Steve Riley as a special guest band member and have since then also worked with US artists Courtney Granger, Balfa Toujours Sean Vidrine and Willis Prudhomme.

Thye have played festivals all over Europe and are many peoples first choice when looking for a traditional Cajun band that packs a big sound.

Their reputation was confirmed in 2006 when Chris Hall was awarded first prize as best Cajun accordion player in the European Cajun and Zydeco Awards and Mitch Proctor awrded first prize in the Cajun fiddle category. Furthermore their latest album Black Noir was placed second in the awards.

They are firm favourites at traditional dance venues like File Gumbo and The Cajun Barn in London and are equally at home playing a raucous backroom bar in Belfast or one of the many towns they regularly visit in Ireland. They regularly headline folk and roots festivals here in the UK where they have a reputation for delivering a quality show full of energy, variety and passion.

This is traditional Cajun music with a dangerous edge. Raw, uncluttered and exciting as it gets played with comittment and emotion by some of the best guys in the business!


“Widely regarded as the most authentic and exciting Cajun band in the country” The Observer

“A Cajun equivalent to the Beatles at the Cavern.” The Daily Telegraph

“They should hand it out free at hospitals, bedsits and Leonard Cohen concerts” Mojo

Formed 26 years ago R. Cajun are Britain’s most widely known Cajun band. They have played a major part in creating the interest in Cajun music in this country and are commonly acknowledged as the pioneering force which has inspired many other bands to make this exciting music. R.Cajun can rightfully claim to be our key link with Louisiana and the band at the forefront of the Cajun and Zydeco scene.

Since the early 1980’s the band have built up the enviable reputation of being not only, Britain’s number one Cajun band, but also a major draw by any standards. They have played clubs, dancehalls, colleges, theatres, festivals and outdoor stages throughout this country and abroad, made numerous radio and T.V. appearances, recorded seven albums, and introduced countless thousands to the dance music of the Louisiana bayous.

To achieve their authentic and rich sound the band combines some of the best Cajun musicians in the country with the traditional line up of accordion, fiddle, guitar, and triangle supported by bass and drums. This six piece line up gives them their big dancehall sound and allows them to produce not just some of the best Cajun music you will hear this side of Lafayette but also some of the finest Zydeco, Swamp Pop and Louisiana Blues too. They also write their own songs which embrace Cajun and Zydeco traditions, without losing that all important Louisiana feel.

They are a natural first choice for headline festival appearances and situations where a band is needed that can guarantee a party atmosphere. They were booked by Paul McCartney for his Christmas party and then booked by his daughter Mary to play her wedding. They have headlined festivals all over Europe. They have entertained TV stars, Movie stars, Rock stars and the staff of some of the biggest companies in the country. Look no further if you need a quality band with the experience and versatility to win over any audience!